Rural Sheds

With a CodeMark granted for Laminated Strand Lumber, Lumberworx is able to bring a cost effective option to the rural shed market. With 300×63, 400×63 and 600×63 members available and design information supported by a Producer statement from Cameron Gibson Wells (CGW), shed design has become easier. Mitek will be adding LSL to their rural shed design software for those designers who prefer the MITEK system. LSL is treated with non-solvent Zinc Borate ¬†during the manufacturing process and testing has confirmed it satisfies the H1.2 hazard class requirements. The stiffness is E10.6 and the bending strength is 39MPa.

Lumberworx is committed to ensuring all customers, designers and building owners get the very best from our products. The unequaled strength and design flexibility offered by the product range is supported by detailed technical information.