Sustainable Sources

Glulam is manufactured using Pinus Elliotti (slash pine) from sustainable sources.

Extra Strong

Lumberworx Glulam GL17c is strong enough to replace flitch beams or steel in most circumstances. Builders are able to cut these using standard tools eliminating the need for the amendments you would require with steel products.

H1.2 Treatment

Glulam is treated to H1.2 meeting the strict New Zealand building codes.

Glulam Description

Glue laminated beams (Glulam) are solid wood members manufactured by bonding multiple pieces with proven adhesives to form a larger structural member. Glulam is more uniform and offers improved structural performance over sawn timber.

Lumberworx distributes GL17c manufactured by Megabeam located in Caloundra, Queensland, Australia. This product is utilises slash pine (pinus elliotti) with high stiffness in its manufacture and with the standard radius camber (see camber details below).

Megabeam commenced trading in 2011 on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia as a Glulam manufacturing and supply business specialising in GL17c beams. Megabeams managing director, John Schwabe has been glue laminating since 1990 and consulting as an engineer since 1988. John developed much of the Glulam manufacturing standard AS/NZS 1328 and developed the current grades that exist in Australia's Timber Design Standard AS1720.1.

The renowned natural strength of timber is enhanced by the glue laminating process, ensuring GL17c is comparatively lightweight and ideal for long span / high load applications. GL17c is ideal for lintels over large window and door openings, garage openings or roof beams where spans over large spaces are required.

Lintels Roof Beams Floor Beams Bearers

Roof Beams
Floor Beams

Design and Construction Guide

The Lumberworx Design and Construction Guide contains all the information needed to install and specify the structural engineered lumber range.

Product Technical Statement

A product technical statement (PTS) summarises the key details about your building product or system to make it easier for everyone in the building process.

Product & Information Update - Substutions Bulletin

The substitutions bulletin includes information on substitutions of the Lumberworx products and the verification of this.

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