The LIB88s is far stronger than conventional timber, giving you a quality floor with less deflection or enabling you to reach that extra span.


The LIBB8s is light because of the I-beam shape. This feature creates a member that is easy to install and handle on site and in the yard. The I-beam shape is perfect for plumbing penetrations.

H1.2 Treatment

The LIB8s is treated to H1.2 in process. This creates a full H1.2 member using market leading technology. Ridding solvent based treatments from the building and is better for all.

LIB88s Description

The Lumberworx I-Beam is engineered to create a strong but lightweight beam which is ideal for floor and roof systems. Its lightweight nature makes it easy handle on-site, while the strength of the LIB gives the builder and owner a quality floor they can rely on.

Floor Joists Rafters Purlins Wall Framing

Floor Joists
Wall Framing

Design and Construction Guide

The Lumberworx Design and Construction Guide contains all the information needed to install and specify the LIB88s.

Product Technical Statement

A product technical statement (PTS) summarises the key details about your building product or system to make it easier for everyone in the building process.

Construction Details

The Construction Details page contains has all the LIB floor and roof details needed for specification and installation available in multiple formats.

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